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30 Nov 2016
Who said tea is boring?

The stereotype of the famous brew being the drink of choice for cardigan-clad grannies is on the wane, thanks to the inventive way teas are now being used to create unusual new cocktails.

Tea-infused cocktails with intriguing sounding names like “The Brute Force”, “Miss Salinger” and “Booty Collins” have been steadily making their way onto drink menus around the world. Crafty mixologists are infusing cocktails with everything from Earl Grey to chamomile and Darjeeling, with teas also now being offered like wine or cocktails in some establishments Proxy Sites, Proxy Site, Free Web Proxy, Free Proxy, Proxy Free

While the concept of mixing tea and alcohol isn’t new, you’ll find evidence of tea’s growing popularity in hip bars from New York to Sydney and beyond.