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24 Mar 2017

Consisting of top-of-the-line sedans, vans, mini-vans, 4WDs and coaches, the  is anything but ordinary. Based on a belief that travel should be done in comfort and style, our fleet of chauffeur-driven private vehicles offers an exceptional mode of transport for luxury . Every aspect of guest expectation has been considered, from complimentary water to individual flight tracking – this is limousine service at its very best.

17 Dec 2016


What does dementia mean? For some people, the word Reminiscent of the scary "crazy" behavior, and out of control Of thinking. In fact, the word dementia is described in a group Symptoms include short-term memory loss, confusion, and problem-solving Inability to complete multi-step activities, such as preparing a meal Or balance the check book, and sometimes, the character changes or unusual behavior.

When people have dementia can not explain why he has these symptoms, For example, some people have a fever: people sick fever, but high temperature

And can not explain the reason or why this person is sick. Does memory loss indicate dementia? Is not memoryless Back to normal aging of a natural step? We often hear...

30 Nov 2016
Method: Combine and stir all ingredients and pour over ice. Garnish with orange rind.

Whisky Tango Cocktail (non-alcoholic, 2 glasses)


2 Twinings Pure Peppermint tea bags

240ml freshly boiled water

40ml Monin vanilla syrup

60ml apple juice


Mint leaves to garnish

Method: Brew tea bags for 2 minutes. Fill 2 highball glasses with ice and add vanilla syrup (2 pumps or 20ml) into each one. Pour over 30ml of apple juice into each glass. Pour the hot tea over the ice. Stir well, finish with a straw and garnish with some fresh mint leaves.

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30 Nov 2016
Method: Infuse tea in 1 cup of water at 70 degrees for 3 minutes. Strain. Incorporate the remaining cup of water and dissolve the sugar. Serve in tall glasses with ice, fruit slices and mint. Fill with ice cold cava. Enjoy!

Iced Rooibos Cocktail (1 glass)


4 oz. concentrate made of Rooibos tea

4 oz. syrup Seo

4 oz. Honey Bourbon

8-10 mint leaves and some lemon slices for garnish

To make the concentrate: Pour 4 cups of boiling water over 6 tea bags or (6 tbsp of loose leaf rooibos). Let it steep for up to 4 minutes and strain if using loose leaf tea. Measure 4 oz and refrigerate the leftover concentrate.

Method: Combine and stir all ingredients well. Pour over ice and garnish with lemon slices.

The Owl and the Mule (1...

30 Nov 2016
Who said tea is boring?

The stereotype of the famous brew being the drink of choice for cardigan-clad grannies is on the wane, thanks to the inventive way teas are now being used to create unusual new cocktails.

Tea-infused cocktails with intriguing sounding names like “The Brute Force”, “Miss Salinger” and “Booty Collins” have been steadily making their way onto drink menus around the world. Crafty mixologists are infusing cocktails with everything from Earl Grey to chamomile and Darjeeling, with teas also now being offered like wine or cocktails in some establishments Proxy Sites, Proxy Site, Free Web Proxy, Free Proxy, Proxy Free

While the concept of mixing tea and alcohol isn’t new, you’ll find...